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Pure-Formance Summer Training Camps


Speed and Agility Camp:   June 1st – June 26th

Level 1 Athletes, Grades 1st – 3rd      2 – 30 min sessions

Level 2 Athletes, Grades 4th – 6th    2 – 50 min sessions

Level 3 Athletes, Grades 7th – 12th   2 – 50 min sessions

This Camp will focus on all aspects of Athletic Movement.

2 Days a Week 4 Weeks in June: Cost $175.00


Athlete Summer Training Camp:

June 1st – July 2nd & July 6th – Aug 6th

Level 3 Athletes Only Grades 7th – 12th   3 – 50 min sessions:  Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

3 Days a Week 5 Weeks: Cost $300

This Camp will focus on all aspects of training to prepare any athlete to be their very best.

Speed, Conditioning, Strength, Agility, Etc.


Olympic Lifting 101:  June: 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th

Cost: $25 per Session     High School/College Athletes Only

High School Athletes need to learn to lift weights with proper form and technique for safety and to reach full-strength potential.  Wichita Thunder Hockey Great RG Flath is doing a Olympic Lifting Class to teach proper technique of the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch Lifts.  Don’t Miss this great opportunity!

Flath 9

Fast Forward Premier Athletic Facility: 5260 N Toler, Bel Aire KS

Ruffin Building:  9111 E Douglas Wichita, KS

Pure-Formance: Is Performance Training with Versatility.  Developing training programs for athletes to improve in all the aspects of what make an Athlete Great!  Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Agility, Footwork, Explosive Power!  Pure-Formance is committed to helping each athlete reach all their goals.

We understand that Athletes have different genetic strengths and limitations. It is our mission to evaluate each individual and set up training to bring out the Absolute Best in each Athlete.


Level 1 (1st – 3rd grade) athletes: 2 days a week


Level 2 (4th – 6th) athletes: 2-3 days a week


Level 3 (7th – 12th) athletes: 3-4 days a week



Getting Stronger & Faster as an athlete will give you an advantage over your opponent and

will draw the attention of College Recruiters.

For more information and to register contact:

Tim Simoneau 316-393-1129 or pureformtrain@yahoo.com

Pure-Formance – 5260 N Toler, Bel Aire KS (Fast Forward Premier Athletic Facility)

Pure-Formance – 9111 E Douglas Wichita, KS (Ruffin Building)